Construction Industry Equipment


We distribute a wide range of small plant and equipment for the Construction market, such as:

Rammers | Walk-Behind Rollers | Concrete/Asphalt Cutters | Power Floats | Submersible Pumps | Vibrating Pokers | Drive Units | Welder/Generators | Water Pumps | Trash Pumps | Concrete Mixers | High Pressure Washers | Plate Compactors | Replacement Engines

Goscor Power Products offers a comprehensive range of essential construction equipment for sale to suit any project requirements.

The Significance of High-Quality Equipment in Construction Projects

The construction industry demands excellence at every turn, and it starts with the equipment you use. High-quality machinery is not just a luxury but a necessity, especially for medium-sized construction companies. Here are the key reasons why investing in top-tier construction equipment
is crucial:

#1 – Precision and Efficiency
Quality construction machinery ensures precision and efficiency in your projects. Whether it's a
cement mixer, generator, plate compactor, power trowel, water pump, tamping rammer, or
concrete cutter, superior equipment guarantees that every task is executed flawlessly.

#2 – Durability and Reliability
In the sometimes difficult African conditions where extreme temperatures and dusty environments
are common, you need equipment that can withstand the challenges. Top-quality construction
machinery is built to last and perform optimally even in the toughest conditions, reducing downtime
and increasing productivity.

#3 – Cost-Effective Ownership
Cost of ownership is a significant concern for construction professionals like you. Quality machinery
may have a higher initial cost, but it pays off in the long run. With fewer breakdowns, reduced
maintenance costs, and improved efficiency, you'll experience a lower total cost of ownership over

Construction Equipment For Your Project

At Goscor Power Products, we offer a wide range of small construction equipment tailored to meet your specific needs. Some products in our lineup includes:

  • Concrete Mixers: Ensuring consistent and high-quality concrete mixing for your projects.
  • Generators : Providing reliable power supply on construction sites, even in remote areas.
  • Plate Compactors : Compact and flatten surfaces efficiently.
  • Power Trowels: Achieve a smooth and polished concrete finish effortlessly.
  • Water Pumps: Efficiently manage water resources for various construction tasks.
  • Tamping Rammer : Ideal for compacting soil and creating a solid foundation.
  • Concrete Cutters : Precision cutting for concrete and asphalt

Each piece of equipment meets the highest industry standards.

After-Sales Support and Spare Parts

At Goscor Power Products, we understand that your success depends not only on the quality of equipment but also on the support you receive. That’s why we are committed to providing exceptional after-sales support and a readily available supply of spare parts.

In the construction industry, downtime due to equipment failure can be costly and disruptive. With us, you’ll have a reliable partner who offers advice not only before purchase but also post-purchase. Our technical experts are just a phone call away, ready to assist you whenever you need it. Plus, our
extensive inventory of spare parts ensures minimal disruption to your projects.

Get Your Construction Equipment Today

Where precision, reliability, and efficiency are non-negotiable, the choice of equipment is paramount. Goscor Power Products understands your unique needs as a medium-sized construction company, and we are here to support your success.
We are dedicated to delivering the best quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your construction projects are completed on time and within budget. Trust in our equipment, and let us help you build the future.
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