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Tamping Rammer

Due to its relatively small foot (330mm x 270mm) a Tamping Rammer is used for compacting soil in confined areas, foundations, narrow trench, and used extensively in road an pothole repair.

Due to its low centre of gravity, and exceptional balance, the machine can be easily operated by a single person. The unit will tend to “bounce” more when the area is well compacted. 

We supply two models of Rammers as shown here

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Check the oil level in the engine and the rammer daily.
  • Always dampen the soil or gravel before compacting. This reduces dust, and assists the compaction process. Compaction cannot occur if the soil is too dry, or too wet.
  • Do not over-compact the area, The unit will tend to “bounce” more when the area is well compacted, this can damage the unit and the compacted surface
  • Always use both hands when operating the machine.
  • Hold the unit in a relaxed, but firm manner
  • Do not operate a rammer with damaged parts or bellows

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