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Concrete Cutters

Concrete Cutters are used for cutting expansion joints in concrete floors, under surface pipe and cable laying, and edging on concrete or asphalt slabs and roads.

Specifications of the 2 available models shown here

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Check the fluid level in the engine daily.
  • Check the blade and blade shaft for tightness and excessive wear
  • Ensure that the blade guide, and water jets are correctly aligned to the blade.
  • Never start the unit with the blade in contact with the ground.
  • Always ensure that water is connected to the cutter, for cooling the blade and settling dust.
  • Select the correct blade type and size for the application. 
  • Never attempt to cut to the full depth in one pass, repeated passes, approximately 25 to 30mm each cut, will put less strain on the engine and extend the life of the blade. 
  • If possible, cut uphill, not downhill, for better control.

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