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Stationery Engines

All of our stationary engines are air cooled, and  although  the superior technology  of a Robin Subaru engine assists greatly in the cooling of the engines, the general working conditions such as dust and grass, as well as environmental factors such as ambient temperature and altitude can greatly influence the lifespan and efficiency of an engine.

There is no substitute for a regular and correct maintenance schedule

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  • Check oil level regularly – Every 5 hours or daily.
  • Change oil when the engine is warm.
  • Use a good quality oil of the correct rating as specified.


Air Filter

  • Check filter for dirt and debris and clean or replace if necessary.
  • Check the air box for  a good seal around the filter.
  • Ensure that the carburettor intake is clean.



  • Run an engine in an enclosed area
  • Run an engine without a functioning exhaust
  • Run an engine if there is grass or dirt accumulated around the engine
  • Start an engine with the air cleaner, cover or element removed
  • Refuel in an enclosed or unventilated area
  • Refuel or remove the fuel tank if the engine is hot or running.



  • Keep the engine and moving parts clean and free of debris.
  • Drain fuel when not in use, and run the carburettor dry.
  • Store the engine in a clean, dry area, away from direct heat.
  • Do regular maintenance.

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