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Our Engines are affordable and reliable for most construction companies, bakkie builders and hire companies.

We offer petrol and diesel engines from 5HP up to 22HP. The brands on offer are Lutian, Rato, Weima and H-Power.

Electric Start options available.

Reduction Gearbox Engines available in Petrol & Diesel.

Our engines are most suitable for heavy duty applications such as Construction, Agricultural & Industrial uses.

Goscor’s range of engines can be used for many different heavy-duty applications such as construction, agricultural and industrial uses.

The construction industry is relentless, requiring strong, reliable engines. We can help to keep power flowing at your construction site, suppling high performance engines for different types of machinery.

Engines used in agriculture can help farmers keep up with the constant mechanisation happening on our farms.

Engines to suit all your needs

Goscor Power Products offer an array of new engines for different applications. We have smaller engines as well as larger, more powerful ones. Our engines can deliver good fuel economy while still offering the performance required.

Whether you need petrol or diesel engines, we can supply them all.

Petrol and Diesel Engines

Our petrol and diesel engines start from 5 Horse Power and go up to 22 Horse Power. The brands on offer are Rato and Weima

Our engines are affordable and reliable for most construction companies, bakkie builders and hire companies.

We can offer electric start options and reduction gearbox engines in petrol and diesel.

Petrol Engines

Goscor stocks a range of petrol engines for a wide range of applications.

We offer stand-alone petrol engines as well as replacement engines for water pumps, generators, fire fighters, drive units, power trowels, concrete cutters, rammers, rollers, plate compactors, drive units, concrete mixers, brick saws and high pressure washers.

If you have a piece of equipment with an engine that has become unserviceable, Goscor Power Products can supply you with a new petrol engine for your machinery. OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) purchase our engines to fit to their application.

Table - Rato Logo
Rato Petrol Engine
Rato Petrol Engine
Shaft / Gearbox2:1 Reduction (Concrete Mixer)2:1 Reduction (Concrete Mixer)Q typeQ typeQ typeV TypeQ typeV TypeReplacement engine for RT100NB26 PumpQ typeQ typeQ typeV TypeV TypeQ typeV Type
ShaftParallel KeyedParallel KeyedParallel KeyedParallel KeyedParallel KeyedTaperParallel KeyedTaperParallel KeyedParallel KeyedParallel KeyedTaperTaperParallel KeyedTaper
Starting SystemRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilElectricRecoilElectricElectricElectric
Table - Rato Logo
Rato Lawnmower Engine - RV225
Rato Petrol Lawnmower Engine








Vertical Shaft

Vertical Shaft

Starting System



Table - Lutian Logo
Lutian Petrol Engine
Shaft / Gearbox2:1 Reduction (Concrete Mixer)Q typeV typeV type
ShaftParallel KeyedParallel KeyedTaperTaper
Starting SystemRecoilRecoilElectricRecoil
Air CleanerDualDualDualDual
Diesel Engines
Table - H-Power Logo
H-Power Diesel Engine
H-Power Diesel Engine
Extra NotesN/AN/A
ShaftQ type – ParallelV type – Taper
Starting SystemRecoilRecoil
Table - Weima Logo
Weima Diesel Engine
Weima Diesel Engine



Shaft / GearboxQ typeQ type2:1 Reduction (Concrete Mixer)V typeV typeQ typeQ typeQ typeV typeV typeQ typeV typeV typeQ typeQ type
Starting SystemRecoilRecoilRecoilRecoilElectricRecoilElectricRecoilRecoilElectricElectricRecoilElectricRecoilElectric
Table - Lutian Logo
Lutian Diesel Engine
Lutian Diesel Engine
Shaft / GearboxQ type2:1 Reduction (Concrete Mixer)Q typeQ type
Starting SystemRecoilRecoilRecoilElectric
Replacement Engines for sale

Goscor stock Honda Rammer replacement engines. Rammers are used to compact materials, whether you’re backfilling or repairing potholes, or laying gravel. Our Power GX100 and GXR120 engines can be used as replacement engines in Honda Rammers.

Our Rato Petrol engines range from 7 to 22 Horse Power. These engines are known for their durability and consistent performance. Every Rato engine boasts a cast iron cylinder liner which helps to reduce oil consumption. We also stock Rato Petrol lawnmower engines. Our Engines used for compaction or Cutting applications come with either Cyclone Air Filters or Snorkel type air cleaners for dusty conditions, which ensures longer durability.

Finally, we also stock Weima Diesel Engines ranging from 5 Horse Power to 13 Horse Power.

RangeTable - Rato LogoTable - H-Power LogoTable - H-Power Logo
Shaft / GearboxQ typeQ typeQ type
ShaftParallel KeyedParallel KeyedParallel Keyed
Starting SystemRecoilRecoilRecoil
Rato Engine for Rammer - RM120V
Rato Replacement Engine for Rammers
Replacement Engine for Honda Rammers - GXR120
Replacement Engine for Honda Rammers
Maintain your engine to lengthen its life

Like any piece of equipment, engines need to be maintained to stay in top condition. Here are some tips for maintaining your engine:

  • Check your oil regularly. If you are running your engine non-stop, you may need to check oil as often as every 5 hours. (Rato Engines are fitted with a low-level oil sensor which will cut the engine off when the oil level drops too low)
  • Change oil when the engine is still warm. Make sure you use good quality oil. ( Multi –Grade Oil is recommended)
  • Check the oil filter and air box and make sure they are clean. Clear any debris away from the carburetor intake.
  • If you’re not using the engine, drain the fuel and run the carburetor dry.
  • When refueling the engine, make sure the engine is cool, and that your refueling area is well ventilated. Do not re-fuel the engine, when it is running as it can be a fire hazard.

Whatever your needs, Goscor Power Products can offer a complete engine solution to get you powered up.

To find out more about our engines, or to get a quote on an engine, contact us today.

Engines User Equipment Guide
Rato Engine Workshop & Operator Manual