Fire Fighting Equipment

When it comes to the most affordable and reliable firefighting equipment on the market, Goscor Power Products are the firefighting equipment suppliers to beat. For the construction, mining, industrial or agricultural sectors, our range of firefighting equipment for saleis varied and able to take on the toughest safety jobs. What’s more you can buy units too.

We offer an array of options like high-pressure units suitable for grass fires to medium-pressure and semi options suitable for forestry applications. We also stock a variety of reload kits, pumps and other accessories too.

Our products have a 620l low profile water tank (step tank) with a low centre of gravity to ensure vehicle stability. The tank has two baffles inside to improve stability during transportation and is coated with a specialised coating to prevent algae growth.

For more on the firefighting units for saleor to rent call Goscor Power Products on 087 806 6871\2 or request a quote now.

Tough, reliable units for sale

Whether you are looking for gear to deal with grass fires or options for other applications, at Goscor Power Products we have a large collection of different firefighting equipment to choose from.

Our high-pressure pumps utilise the Ruby TR22 & TR60 pumps and are powered by petrol or Dieselengines. Our medium units offer a pressure range from 3BAR up to 10BAR and utilise a 620l tank too. We pride ourselves in offering:

  • Tank options – we offer 620Lt and 1000l Polyethylene Tanks which are UV stabilized with specialised coating and lining to restrict algae growth.
  • Pumps – the Ruby TR22 Piston pump delivers 22L/min and has a max pressure of 40BAR. The Ruby TR60 Piston pump delivers 60L/min and has a max pressure of 40BAR. Both include an automatic unloader valve which regulates pressure and has stainless steel pistons and acid resistant seals.
  • Nozzles – our variety of nozzle types include a 1 x 20m high-pressure hose which is provided on a hose reel. Our pistol type variable spray gun can be adjusted from fog spray to solid stream.

All our units are mounted on anti-vibration rubbers. We also offer a 12-month warranty on all manufactured parts (Ts and Cs apply).

Check out the specification breakdown of our full range below: 

High Pressure Fire Fighters
Model PUFFTR22/R210/620HR PUFFTR60/R210/R620HR PUFFTR60/R210/620HRX2 PUFFTR60/R210/620X2_10 PUFFTR60/R210/620HR50M PUFFTR60/R210/620HR80M PUFFTR60/R210/1000HR2 PUFFTR22/WM173F/620HR
Engine Model Rato R210 Rato R210 Rato R210 Rato R210 Rato R210 Rato R210 Rato R210 Weima WM173F
Tank 620l 620l 620l 620l 620l 620l 1000l 620l
Pump TR22 TR60 TR60 TR60 TR22 TR22 TR22 TR22
Flow 20 l/min 40l/min 40l/min 40l/min 40l/min 40l/min 40l/min 20 l/min
Pressure 35BAR 35BAR 35BAR 35BAR 35BAR 35BAR 35BAR 35BAR
Reel 1 1 2 2 (10m each) 1 (50m) 1 (80m) 2 1
Rato Petrol High Pressure Fire Fighter
Rato Petrol High Pressure Fire Fighter
High Pressure Fire Fighter -PUFFTR60:R210:620X2_10
Rato Petrol High Pressure Fire Fighter - Double Hose Reel
Weima Diesel High Pressure Fire Fighter
Medium Pressure Fire Fighters
Rato Medium Pressure Fire Fighter - PUFFRT50YB80:620HR
Rato Medium Pressure Fire Fighter - 620L Tank
Model PUFFRT50YB80/620HR
Engine Model Rato R210
Tank 620l
Pump RT50YB80
Flow 500 l/min
Pressure 8BAR
Reel 1
Semi Fire Fighters (No Tank)
Range Table - Rato Logo Table - Rato Logo Table - Weima Logo
Engine Model Rato R210 Rato R210 Weima WM173F Diesel
Pump TR22 TR60 TR22
Flow 20 l/min 40l/min 20 l/min
Pressure 35BAR 35BAR 35BAR
Reel 1 1 1
Rato Semi Fire Fighter (No Tank) - PUFFTR22:R210:HR
Rato Semi Fire Fighter (No Tank)
Weima Diesel Semi Fire Fighter -PUFFTR22-WM173F-HR
Weima Semi Fire Fighter (No Tank)
Reload Kit (Fire Fighters)
Rato Reload Kit Fire Fighter - PURT25ZB20_KIT
Reload Kit Fire Fighter
Model PURT25ZB20_KIT
Pump Model RT25ZB20
Tank NO
Pump 1″ Clear Water Pump
Includes Suction Hose
Includes 15m Lay Flat Hoses
Includes Low Pressure Gun
Venturi Kit
Venturi Kit
Venturi Kit
Description Venutri Nozzel, with Couples and Suction Hose
Ruby Pumps
Ruby Pump - TR22
Ruby Pump
Model TR22AG TR60AG TR130A
Description Pump Only Pump Only Pump Only
Pressure 40BAR 40BAR 50BAR
Pump TR22 TR60AG TR130A
Flow 20 l/min 60 l/min 130 l/min

For the best, choose Goscor

For over 30 years, Goscor Power Products has been supplying high-quality power products to a host of industries across Southern Africa. When it comes to reliability, quality and ultimate affordability choose from our wide selection today. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Chat to one of our friendly sales consultants to find out more about the cost of firefighting equipment that we offer to buy or to rent today. Choose a company that understands your needs and has the product range to prove it.

Choose the leaders in construction equipment, a company you can trust.

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