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Goscor Power Products, part of the Goscor Group of Companies, have been providing quality equipment to meet the needs of the power hungry since 1984. We supply a holistic spectrum of equipment including pumps, generators, welders, firefighters, engines, rammers, rollers and compactors. All of our products are sourced from leading worldwide brands such as Rato, Weima, H-Power, Meiwa and Lutian construction equipment.

With our wide dealership network, Goscor Power Products will satisfy your power needs wherever you are in Africa. All Goscor Power Products are backed by quality parts and reliable technical teams who are proficient in the business of power.


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Product Brochures

Our range is constantly changing, as such some of the brochures might be slightly outdated.

Kindly refer to the Product Range pages for updated stock listing and specs.

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  • Just a short note to thank you for the excellent service and products delivered over the past 21 years.
    Checkmate Products cc
  • "The Rato R87501D is the most powerful one cylinder Generator available with inverter technology. Compared to other v-twin gens it is lower in cost, fuel consumption & noise, here is what an actual customer has to say about it:" - Mark Bester, Managing Director                                                                             "Due to challenges experienced with the availability and the consistency of electricity supply at markets and venues, we decided to invest in a generator in order to operate the equipment in our food truck.

    The Rato R87501D is a powerful 7.8 kva generator that runs the following equipment without any hick ups, cut-outs or hitches (apart from topping up the petrol after about 5 hours of constant use):
    • Microwave oven - 1 050 watts
    • Warming/display unit - 1 200 watts
    • Soft serve machine - 1 800 watts
    • Beverage fridge - 175 watts
    • Freezer - 140 watts
    • LED lights - 3 x 18 watts each
    One person can easily move the generator as it has wheels and an adjustable handle. While all generators have a noise factor, we have found that placing the generator only about 20 steps from the food truck still allows us to engage and chat to our customers at a comfortable speaking tone."
    Didi’s Pizza Truckee
  • We are pleased to inform you of our satisfaction with your RT70 Tamping Rammers.
    Global Tool & Plant Hire
  • Thank you all for a wonderful, exciting and interesting conference, not only was it all that but also motivational and supportive. I left with a positive attitude and an eagerness to “get going”. I also want to compliment all of you on your professionalism, friendliness and for putting together a conference of high caliber. We guarantee our loyalty to GOSCOR and will put a plan together to increase sales in our area within the next week.
    George Lawnmowers & Chainsaws
  • As our relationship grows, we would like to thank you for your support and hope that you continue to strive for perfection in your service with us as you have done in the past. Read more…
    Legend Plant Hire
  • I would just like to take the time to thank you for outstanding service delivery the past year. Read more…
    Supreme Mower Manufacturers