Construction Equipment for Sale

When it comes to the most affordable and reliable construction equipment on the market, Goscor Power Products are the construction tools and equipment suppliers to beat. Our wide range of construction machinery can be used for a variety of industries including construction, mining, industrial, and agricultural. Our products include rammers, concrete mixers, power trowels, drive units, vibrating pokers, submersible pumps, plate compactors, rollers, water pumps, generators and welders.

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Available from Dealers Nationwide in South Africa and in SADC Countries.

Choose The Best Construction Equipment Suppliers

Goscor Power Products offers a wide range of construction machinery and tools to make your job easier. We want to help you get the job done as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of machines for sale – so you can find the perfect one for your needs. And our team is always here to help you choose the right machine and answer any questions you may have.

Our Range of Light Construction Equipment

Are you looking for construction equipment online and need an urgent quote? When it comes to our variety, Goscor Power Products, has a wide selection of construction machinery to choose from for many different kinds of applications. From rammers and rollers to welders and generators, choose Goscor Power Products today for construction equipment for sale in South Africa.

Rammer Icon

Compaction:  13kN | 14kN

Snorkel Air Cleaners on Engines

NSK Bearings | Sealed Bearing on Clutch | German Bellow


Engine Options:  Petrol | Diesel

Frame Options:  Roll-Over

Poker Options:  38mm | 45mm |  60mm

Length of Poker:  6m

NSK Bearings

2 Bearings per Poker

Cable Size:  8mm to 10mm

Submersible Pumps:  80mm

Trash Pumps Available

Dynapac Coupling

Concrete Cutter

Engine Option – Petrol | Diesel

Blade Size:  450mm

Double Water Cooling on Blade

Height Adjustment Gauge

Cutting Guide

Plate Compactor

Engine Options:  Petrol & Diesel

Weight Options:  90kg to 316kg

Compactor Options:  Standard | Reversable

Water Tank Option

Centrifugal Force:  16kN to 38kN

Snorkel Air Cleaners Available

Concrete Mixer Icon

Drive Options: Petrol | Diesel

Drum Size:  400l

Wheel Options: Solid 2 Wheels | Pneumatic 2 Wheels

Towable on site

Roller Icon

Diesel Driven | Hydrostatic

Double Drum

Power Trowel Icon

Engine Options:  Petrol

Trowel Options:  36″ | 46″

Operating Weight:  80kg | 100kg

Pipeline Tester Icon

Engine Options:  Petrol | Diesel


Glycerine Filled Gauge

Max Pressure:  40BAR

Max Flow:  40l/min

Rubber Delivery Hose

Suction Hose & Filter Standard

Generator Welder Icon

Engine Options:  Petrol | Diesel


Silent/ Open Frame

Starting System:  Recoil | Electric

Where to Buy Construction Equipment?

Goscor Power Products offers a great range of construction equipment from high-quality brands in the industry for different applications and purposes. Get in touch with our sales team and request a quote for whether you want to buy or rent construction equipment and machinery today.