CSM Construction Machinery

Founded in 1979, CSM is a leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for civil construction, material handling and power generation plants.

The company continuously invests in processes, development of new products and the qualification of its staff so as to offer the highest levels of quality and service.

CSM are focused on solid and sustainable growth. They undertake commercial and social commitments and believe in the full development of their economic and human potentials. CMS take environmental issues seriously and are dedicated to helping to build a better future.

CSM equipment includes concrete mixers, wheelbarrows, brick carriers and loading buckets. CSM machines are well known for their electric concrete mixers which are very portable and manoeuvrable. The CSM accessories like brick carriers and loading buckets are a useful addition to any construction site.

Goscor Power Products is a proud stockist of CSM Construction Machinery.

Where can I buy CSM Machinery?

Goscor Power Products stock a wide range of CSM products which are available for sale or hire.

Contact us today to find out more about our range of CSM Construction Machinery.

Construction Equipment Range

Concrete Mixer 400l

Concrete Mixers


Concrete Mixer 400l

Concrete Mixers


Concrete Mixer 400l

Concrete Mixers


CSM PD36 – Loading Bucket

Loading Bucket


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