Concrete Mixers

Our Concrete Mixers are affordable and reliable for most construction companies, bakkie builders and hire companies.

We offer petrol, diesel and electric concrete mixers. Ranging from 120, 180, 260 and 350 litres.  Our mixers are 2 and 4 wheel driven with draw bar for easy manoeuvrability on site.  Protection over the ring gear, sealed drum bearing, easy tilt mechanism and internal gear box for smooth operation.

Application:  Concrete mixing for DIY as well as the construction site mixing.

  • Special casting of steel gear ring made in one piece
  • Solid frame for high stability
  • Large 240mm diameter wheels for stability and manoeuvrability
  • Large drum diameter for excellent mixing results
  • Swivel and tilts 180°C for easy and complete discharge
  • Driving shaft mounted on sealed ball bearing
  • Low rotation speed is obtained by a 2:1 reduction gearbox in the Concrete Mixer
  • 4 Pneumatic wheels and draw bar with loop hitch provided on our 260l and 350l mixers for easy transportation
  • Large engine cage
  • Professional series engines used

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Concrete Mixers
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer
Range Table - Rato Logo Table - Rato Logo Table - Weima Logo
Model CM260R/R210 CM350R/210 CM350D/WE186F
Engine Rato R210 Rato R210 Weima WE186F
Wheels 4 4 4
Drum Capacity 260l 350l 350l
Fuel Petrol Petrol Diesel
Dry Load 260l 350l 350l
Wet Load 160l 240l 240l
Weight 340kg 350kg 365kg
Electric Concrete Mixers
H- Power Electric Concrete Mixer - CM180M
Electric Concrete Mixer
Range Table - H-Power Logo Table - H-Power Logo
Model CM120M CM180M
Motor Electric Motor Electric Motor
Operator Output 0.75HP 1.05HP
Wheels 2 2
Drum Capacity 120l 180l
Dry Load 120l 180l
Wet Load 90l 120l
Weight 56kg 82kg