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Vibratory Roller

The Vibratory roller is a very large and specialised machine, this type of roller would be used to compact large surface areas such as warehouse floor spaces, parking areas and roads.
Our roller is a 737kg unit with a double roller drum of 650mm in width. For ease of use, it has a centrifugal clutch, making starting much easier, an well as direct hydrostatic between the rollers and the engine to reduce moving parts and maintenance. The large fuel tank also facilitates a full days operation on a single tank of fuel.
The addition of a “dead man handle”, together with all operating controls being on the operating handle, make this one of the safest units in  its class.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Check the fluid level in the engine and the roller assembly daily.
  • Always dampen the soil or gravel before compacting. This reduces dust, and assists the compaction process. Compaction cannot occur if the soil is too dry, or too wet.
  • This unit must only be operated by a trained operator.

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