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Plate Compactors

Looking for a plate compactor for all your construction needs? Buy a plate compactor from Goscor Power Products today, we guarantee affordability and reliability. We’re known by construction companies, bakkie builders and hire companies across South Africa because the plate compactor machines we stock are built tough, and they get the job done well.

Our range of plate compactors for salecome with a variety of features, engine types and sizes. No matter what your building requirements, we have a plate compactor to suit. Whether you need an 85kg asphalt plate compactoror a 135kg hydraulic reversible plate compactor,at Goscor Power Products we’ll stock it.

Choose from the leaders in power products for the construction, mining, agricultural or industrial industries, choose Goscor Power Products today.

For more on our range of plate compactors, call Goscor Power Products on 087 806 6871\2 or request a plate compactor quote now.

Plate compactors built tough to do any job

All our vibratory plate compactors for sale are easy to use. Wheel kits allow the compactors to be easily manoeuvred and they are designed for a multitude of applications such as foundation compaction, back filing, paving, pothole repairs and asphalt work too.

Whether you choose a petrol or diesel engine compactor, both are designed to work in the dustiest conditions thanks to the superior air filtration systems available, such as either the “snorkel type” or “Cyclone Type” air cleaners.

The features of our plate compactor range include:

  • Foldable handle allows for easy transportation and storage
  • Centrally-mounted, fully-enclosed exciter for an even spread of force over the whole base plate
  • Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper engine and handle
  • Open design reduces dirt build-up
  • Horse power ranging from 7HP – 9HP
  • Weight ranges of between 85kgs – 275kgs
  • Varying plate sizes for a variety of applications
  • Centrifugal force range of between 14kN and 18kN
  • Varying maximum travel speeds between 15m/min and 21m/min
  • Vibrating frequency range between 4050VPM and 5010VPM
  • Snorkel or Cyclone air cleaners available for petrol engines
  • Oil bath air cleaners for diesel engines.

Check out the specification breakdown of our full range of walk behind plate compactors below:

RangeTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Weima LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Weima LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Weima Logo
EngineRato R210Rato R210Weima WM173FRato R210Rato R210Rato R210Weima WM186Rato R210Weima WM186
Fuel TypePetrolPetrolDieselPetrolPetrolPetrolDieselPetrolDiesel
Plate Size52cm x 50cm54cm x 45cm54cm x 45cm60cm x 46cm60cm x 45cm64cm x 40cm83cm x 64cm63cm x 40cm90cm x 47cm
Max Travel Speed21m/min20m/min20m/min20m/min20m/min20m/min15m/min25m/min25m/min
Centrifugal Force14kN16kN16kN15kN18kN25kN38kN25kN38kN
Vibrating Frequency5010VPM4750VPM4750VPM4750VPM5010VPM4050VPM4810VPM4300VPM3750VPM
Rato Plate Compactor - C80T:R210
Plate Compactor - C80T
Rato Plate Compactor – C90R (Snorkel Kit Optional Extra)
Plate Compactor – C90R (Snorkel Kit Optional Extra)
Plate Compactor - C120R-R210
Plate Compactor - C120R
Rato Plate Compactor Reversible - C3020:R210
Plate Compactor - C3020 Reversible

For a variety of construction equipment, call Goscor today.

We pride ourselves on being known as the leaders in the sale of top-quality construction equipment products. No matter what your construction, mining, agricultural or industrial product need, we are guaranteed to stock it.

We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and we understand what the South African market wants and needs; top quality products, built strong and reliable enough to get the job done well. No matter the site, no matter the conditions, our power products are built to last.

Choose Goscor Power Products today for a plate compactorfor any construction application.

For more information on our plate compactor range or to request a quote, contact us now.