Plate Compactors

Our Plate Compactors are affordable and reliable for most construction companies, bakkie builders and hire companies.

We offer petrol plate compactors with wheel kits for easy maneuverability.  The sizes include 85kg and 100kg with a special asphalt 85kg plate compactor with a water tank.

Application: Foundation compaction, back filling, paving, pothole repairs and asphalt.

We also offer a hydraulic reversible plate compactor of 135kg powered by a Rato Petrol engine.

Our Engines are designed to work in the most dusty conditions, due to superior air filtration systems.

  • Foldable handle easy for transportation and storage
  • Centrally mounted, fully enclosed exciter for an even spread of compactive force over the whole base plate
  • Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper engine and handle
  • Open design reduces dirt build-up
  • Centrifugal Force:  14kN to 18kN
  • Travel Speed:  20m/min
  • Snorkel air cleaners available for Petrol engines.
  • Oil bath air cleaners for Diesel engines.
Range Table - Rato Logo Table - Rato Logo Table - Weima Logo Table - Rato Logo Table - Rato Logo Table - Rato Logo
Model C80T/R210 C90R/R210 C90R/WM173F C95TS/R210 C120R/R210 C3020/R210 (REVERSIBLE)
Engine Rato R210 Rato R210 Weima WM173F Rato R210 Rato R210 Rato R210
Weight 85kg 90kg 90kg 95kg 100kg 135kg
Reversible NO NO NO NO NO YES
Plate Size 52cm x 50cm 54cm x 45cm 54cm x 45cm 60cm x 46cm 60cm x 45cm 64cm x 40cm
Max Travel Speed 21m/min 20m/min 20m/min 20m/min 20m/min 20m/min
Centrifugal Force 14kn 16kn 16kn 15kn 18kn 25kn
Rato Plate Compactor - C80T:R210
Plate Compactor - C80T
Plate Compactor - C90R:R210
Plate Compactor - C90R
Plate Compactor - C120R-R210
Plate Compactor - C120R
Rato Plate Compactor Reversible - C3020:R210
Plate Compactor - C3020 Reversible