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Trash and Semi Trash Water Pumps

If your work site requires a pump that can get rid of waste, slurry or dirty water efficiently and with ease, check out the Goscor Power Products range of trash and semi trash water pumps today. As the leaders in construction equipment for over 30 years, we guarantee you that we have a trash pump or semi trash pump available to meet your needs today.

For more on our range of trash and semi trash water pumps, call Goscor Power Products today on 087 806 6871\2 or request a water pump quote now.

What’s the difference between a trash pump and a semi trash pump?

A trash pump can remove water that’s filled with a lot more waste, including solids up to 25mm in size. If the debris in the water is large, like sticks and stones, you will need a trash pump to pump the water. The vanes on a trash pump are thicker and open so that the pump can handle much sandier, dirtier, debris-filled water.

A semi trash pump is very similar to a trash pump with thick impeller vanes and a large opening to allow dirt and debris to travel through it, however a semi trash pump is generally used to pump water that is a little murky and dirty but does not contain large particles or soft solids.

Chat to the Goscor Power Products team about your clean water needs and they can suggest a semi trash or trash pump for sale that will fit your exact specification and requirements today.

Rato Petrol Trash Pump - RT100NB26

Trash and semi trash pumps for a variety of uses

At Goscor Power Products, our range of trash and semi trash water pumps for sale are varied and offer the latest specifications available.

The features of our trash and semi trash water pump range include:

  • Inlet and outlet diameter ranges from 80mm to 100mm
  • Pump lift capacities between 20m and 26m
  • Suction head of 7m
  • Varying maximum capacities between 60 cubic metres per hour to 100 cubic metres per hour
  • Can be used for a range of solid sizes up to 25mm

We offer the most competitive prices on trash pumps and semi trash water pumps on the market. We know what our customers want and we understand the kind of quality and delivery that they’re looking for too.

Check out the specification breakdown of our full range of submersible trash pumps now.

Rato Petrol Semi Trash Pump - RT80WB26-3.8Q
RangeTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato Logo
ModelRT80NB20RT100NB26RT80WB26-3.8Q (SEMI Trash)
Inlet & Outlet Inside Diameter3″ (80mm)4″ (100mm)3″ (80mm)
Pump Lift20m26m26m
Suction Head7m7m7m
Max. Capacity60m³/hr100m³/hr66m³/hr
Solids25mm28mm25mm (SOFT SOLIDS)
30 years of experience, that’s the Goscor promise

After 30 years in the business, we know water pumps and our customers needs extremely well. Aside from the large range of trash and semi trash water pumps for sale, we also offer:

No matter what industry you are in, from the mining and agriculture sector to the construction or industrial sector, at Goscor Power Products we have a trash pump or semi trash pump for you. Choose the leaders in construction equipment, a company you can trust.

For more information on our trash and semi trash water pump range or to request a water pump quote, contact us now.