Water Pumps

We offer a wide range of water pumps, ranging from 50mm up to 100mm (2” to 4”) port size.

Our water pumps are available in both petrol and diesel and the range covers clear water, trash, chemical pumping (such as fertilizers and salt water pumping) and slurry pumping.

These pumps are ideal for construction, mining, industry and agricultural use.

If you’re looking for a water pump solution that’s reliable and convenient, Goscor Power Products offers a wide range of water pumps for sale. We have pumps that work for clear water and dirtier water applications, high head pumps and specialised pumps that work in agriculture, to pump fertiliser to irrigation systems.

How does a High Pressure Pump work?

Pumps used in commercial, industrial and agricultural operations all work in the same way. They basically move water using a piston or a impellor, to create force, which makes the water flow.

A centrifugal water pressure pump has two ends.  The wet end which actually touches the water, and a dry end where the crankshaft is. This area is kept dry by means of seals. All water pressure pumps need power to operate, and Goscor’s range of pumps are available in diesel and petrol.

You get many different types of pumps including an in line water pump, submersible pumps, a trash pump, transfer pumps and a utility pump.

Clear Water Pumps for Sale

Clear water pumps are perfect for draining water from swimming pools, sumps and reservoirs, and dewatering at construction sites or for pumping water from rivers to reservoirs. These pumps can also be used for other applications like removing floodwaters.

Goscor Power Products offers a petrol water pump and diesel water pump selection, ranging from 16m³/hr to 100³/hr. We offer Rato, Lutian and Weima branded pumps.

Whether you’ve got a construction site that needs dewatering or are looking for a water pump for your farm, Goscor offers pumps for construction, mining, industrial and agricultural use.

If you’re wondering about a water pump price, contact Goscor today for a quote on all our pumps. Our water pump price is very competitive, and we offer a range of the best water pumps on the market.

Petrol Water Pump

At Goscor Power Products, we offer a vast selection of petrol water pumps including brands like Rato and Lutian, to customers across the construction and engineering fields.

Our range of petrol water pumps for sale in South Africa are built strong and can be depended upon to handle any tough dewatering or floodwater removal job necessary.

Inlet & Outlet Inside Diameter1″ (25mm)2″ (50mm)3″ (80mm)4″ (100mm)6″ (150mm)2″ (50mm)3″ (80mm)4″ (100mm)
Pump Lift28m28m28m30m20m23m28m20m
Suction Head6m8m8m8m7m7m7m7m
Max. Capacity8m³/hr36m³/hr60m³/hr96m³/hr140m³/hr30m³/hr60m³/hr80m³/hr
Rato Petrol Water Pump - RT50ZB28
Rato Petrol Water Pump-RT50ZB28
Rato Petrol Water Pump - RT100ZB26
Rato Petrol Water Pump - RT100ZB26
Lutian Petrol Water Pump - LT-30XC168F
Lutian Petrol Water Pump - LT-30XC168F
Lutian Petrol Water Pump - LT-40XC177F
Lutian Petrol Water Pump - LT-40XC177F
Diesel Water Pump

Are you in the market for a hard-working, dependable diesel water pump for sale in South Africa, able to do the toughest water removal jobs for a range of industries?

At Goscor Power Products we proudly stock WEIMA diesel water pumps for sale. WEIMA offers only the best in dewatering and flood water removal capabilities. Whether you’re looking for industrial diesel water pumps or diesel water pumps for irrigation, you’ll find it all at Goscor Power Products.

RangeTable - Weima LogoTable - Weima LogoTable - Weima LogoTable - Weima LogoTable - Weima LogoTable - Lutian Logo
Inlet & Outlet Inside Diameter2″ (50mm)3″ (80mm)3″ (80mm)4″ (100mm)6″ (150mm)2″ (50mm)
Pump Lift26m28m28m25m20m25m
Suction Head5-7m5-7m5-7m4.5m7m7m
Max. Capacity28m³/hr42m³/hr42m³/hr75m³/hr140m³/hr22m³/hr
Starting SystemRecoilRecoilElectricRecoilRecoilRecoil
Weima Diesel Water Pump - WMCGZ50-30 & WMCGZ80-30
Weima Diesel Water Pump - WMCGZ80-30
Diesel-Water Pump - WMCGZ100-30
Diesel Water Pump -WMCGZ100-30
Diesel Water Pump - RT150WM192_TR
6” Diesel Water Pump on Trolley
Lutian Diesel Water Pump - LT50-KB2
Lutian Diesel Water Pump - LT50-KB2
Semi Trash & Trash Pumps

If your work site requires a pump that can get rid of waste, slurry or dirty water efficiently and with ease, check out the Goscor Power Products range of trash and semi trash water pumps today. As the leaders in construction equipment for over 30 years, we guarantee you that we have a trash pump or semi trash pump available to meet your needs today.

RangeTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato Logo
ModelRT80NB20RT100NB26RT80WB26-3.8Q (SEMI Trash)
Inlet & Outlet Inside Diameter3″ (80mm)4″ (100mm)3″ (80mm)
Pump Lift20m26m26m
Suction Head7m7m7m
Max. Capacity60m³/hr100m³/hr66m³/hr
Solids25mm28mm25mm (SOFT SOLIDS)
Rato Petrol Trash Pump - RT100NB26
Rato Petrol Trash Pump -RT100NB26
Rato Petrol Semi Trash Pump - RT80WB26-3.8Q
Rato Petrol Semi Trash Pump - RT80WB26-3.8Q
High Head Pumps

High Head pumps can handle more resistance than normal pumps. They offer greater performance and efficiency than a standard pump. A high-head or high-pressure pump needs larger impellers and a high rotational speed to provide improved performance. Goscor offer both Rato petrol pumps and Lutian diesel high head pumps.

RangeTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Lutian LogoTable - Lutian Logo
Inlet & Outlet Inside Diameter2″ (50mm)3″ (80mm)2″ (50mm)2″ (50mm)3″ (80mm)
Pump Lift80m65m90m65m70m
Suction Head7m7m7m7m7m
Max. Capacity16m³/hr38m³/hr30m³/hr30m³/hr40m³/hr
Rato High Head Pump - RT80YB70
Rato High Head Pump - RT80YB70
Lutian High Head Pump - LT-178F20H
Lutian High Head Pump - LT-178F20H
Fertilizer Pump

How an Industrial Fertiliser Pump can help your Agricultural Business.

Fertiliser pumps transfer fertiliser to your supply and nurse tanks. Your fertiliser pump is the key piece of equipment in this setup. Studies have shown that by providing the right amount of fertilisation to your crops, you can triple the size of your harvest.

Our pumps are durable and easy to use. One of the reasons a fertiliser pump works so well is that it delivers many small applications of nutrients, which is the best way to get plants a consistent dose without overpowering them.

Goscor Power Products stock both Rato and Weima fertiliser pumps.

RangeTable - Rato LogoTable - Weima LogoTable - Rato Logo
Inlet & Outlet Inside Diameter2″ (50mm)2″ (50mm)3″ (80mm)
Pump Lift3535m26
Suction Head7m7m7m
Max. Capacity32m³/hr32m³/hr60m³/hr
FuelPetrol (7HP)Diesel (5HP)Petrol (7HP)
Rato Petrol Fertilizer Pump - RT50HB35
Rato Petrol Fertilizer Pump
Weima Diesel Fertilizer Pump-RT50HB35-WM173
Weima Diesel Fertilizer Pump
Water Pumps for Sale

Goscor offers a great range of pumps for many different applications.
Get in touch today for a quote.