Electric Pressure Washers

Whether you are in need of an electric pressure washer that is manoeuvrable enough to take on to the toughest job sites, Goscor Power Products are guaranteed to have a high pressure washer to suit your needs.

Goscor Power Products range of pressure washers – including electric high pressure washers, diesel pressure washers and petrol pressure washers – are guaranteed to get the job done well, on time and with ease.

Perfect for car washing and truck cleaning and the cleaning of the toughest dirt and grime from walls, floors and paving, the Goscor range of electric water pressure washers are the answer.

Electric High-Pressure Washers for Sale

Which is the best electric power washer for home use?

Our smaller electric pressure washers for sale can also be used for home use.

You can also check out our range of domestic high pressure washers built specifically for home use. No matter what your application need, we’ll have an electric washerspecifically for you.

For more on our range of electric power washers for sale, call Goscor Power Products on 087 542 0256 / 087 806 6872 or request an electric high pressure washer quote now.

Lutian Electric High Pressure Washer - LT19ME

Electric pressure washers with a wide range of features

Whether you need the best electric pressure washer on the market for your car wash business or in need of the best electric power washer for your construction site, choosing a unit from the Goscor Power Products range will deliver the best performance every time. If you’re wondering what the most powerful electric pressure washeris, chat to the experts at Goscor today.

Our range offers excellent mobility thanks to the fact that all units are mounted on mobile trollies with rubberwheels. One unit in the range also has the ability to be wall mounted too. The units also come with a host of additional accessories which can be installed depending on your requirements; accessories like multi-nozzles and thermal valves for temperature control.

Features of an Electric Pressure Washer include:

  • Electric kW power of between 2.2W – 7.5W
  • Revolutions of 1450RPM
  • Maximum pressure range between 100BAR and 248BAR
  • Water flow rates of 12.2l/min to 16l/min
  • Voltage rates of 220V (single phase) and 380V (3 phase)

All our units are manufactured by Lutian, a brand synonymous with quality and affordability and one of the world leaders in pressure pump manufacturing.

Check out the specification breakdown of our full range of electric high pressure washers below:

COVID19 Sanitizing Solution

Purchase the LT19MB pressure washer together with the sanitizing/detergent bottle
You premix your sanitiser and spray through the bottle, which has an adjustable nozzle.
(Can only work with G01 guns and pumps)

Electric Wall Mounted Car Wash Pressure Washer - LT19MBCW
Range Table - Lutian Logo Table - Lutian Logo Table - Lutian Logo Table - Lutian Logo
Extra Info N/A N/A N/A Wall Mounted Car Wash Pressure Washer
Pump Model 3WZ-18110B 3WZ-1810C 3WZ-18145C 3WZ-18110B;
kW 2.2kW 5.5kW 7.5kW 2.2kW;
Revolution 1450rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm;
Max Pressure 100BAR 248BAR 248BAR 100BAR;
Water Flow 12.2 l/min 11 l/min 16 l/min 12.2 l/min;
Voltage 220V (Single Phase) 380V (3 Phase) 380V (3 Phase) 220V (Single Phase)
How much is an electric pressure washer?

No matter the industry; construction, mining, agricultural or industrial, Goscor Power Products has a quality range of electric pressure washers for sale at the most competitive prices. Our doors have been open for over 30 years, we understand both quality and reliability when it comes to construction equipment, ensuring we only stock the best for our customers.

How much is an electric pressure washer?

If you’re looking to buy an electric pressure washer, Choose the leaders in construction equipment, a company you can trust, Goscor Power Products.

For more information on our pressure washers range or to request a quote, contact us now.