Domestic Pressure Washers

Thanks to our over 30 years in the industry, Goscor Power Products offers a range of pressure washers – from diesel- and petrol-powered units to electric, wall-mounted units – that can meet a range of requirements across the construction, industrial, mining and agricultural industries. Our pressure washer range is also perfect for home use for the DIY fundi at heart. No matter what your cleaning need, we have a pressure washer to suit you.

Chat to the experts at Goscor today if you need a strongly-built diesel- or petrol-powered unit. If you need a smaller model, perfect for tackling the dirtiest at home jobs, then our range of domestic pressure cleaners are most certainly for you.

Domestic High-Pressure Washers for Sale

From motorbikes, bicycles and cars, to bakkies and engines, choosing a domestic pressure washer from Goscor Power Products is guaranteed to help you get your weekend cleaning jobs done right. Our range of domestic high pressure cleaners are also able to take the toughest dirt off of walls, roofs, paving and tiles too.

For more on our range of domestic pressure washers, call Goscor Power Products on 087 542 0256 / 087 806 6872 or request a domestic high pressure washer quote now.

Lutian Domestic High Pressure Washer - LT701G-2500B

Domestic pressure washers for the toughest DIY jobs

Once you use a Goscor Power Product pressure washing unit for your at-home needs, you’ll never look back. Affordable but reliable and sturdy enough to get the dirtiest of jobs done, our range of domestic pressure washers can stand the test of time.

All units are mobile, ensuring excellent manoeuvrability to get into the most difficult spaces. You can also choose from a variety of additional accessories when buying a domestic pressure washer from us. Accessories include thermal valves, turbo nozzles, a pressure gauge and an adjustable nozzle to name a few.

Features of a Domestic Pressure Washer include:

  • Electric kW power of between 2200W to 2500W
  • Maximum pressure range between 120BAR – 130BAR
  • Water flow rates of 6.5l/min to 7l/min
  • All units offer voltage rates of 220V (single phase)

We stock products from the Lutian range of pressure washers specifically designed for at home use, ensuring that they are both affordable and reliable.

Check out the specification breakdown of our full range of domestic high pressure washers below:

Domestic High Pressure Washer - LT701-2200B
Range Table - Lutian Logo Table - Lutian Logo
Model LT701-2200B LT701G-2500B
Pump Model 2200B 2200B
Watt 2200W 2500W
Rated Pressure 120BAR 130BAR
Rated Water Flow 6.5 l/min 7 l/min
Voltage 220V (Single Phase) 220V (Single Phase)
How much is a domestic pressure washer?

No matter the industry; construction, mining, agricultural or industrial, Goscor Power Products has a quality range of domestic pressure washers for sale at the most competitive prices. Our doors have been open for over 30 years, we understand both quality and reliability when it comes to construction equipment, ensuring we only stock the best for our customers.

Where to buy a domestic pressure cleaner?

If you’re looking to buy a domestic pressure washer, Choose the leaders in construction equipment, a company you can trust, Goscor Power Products.

For more information on our pressure washers range or to request a quote, contact us now.