Inverter Generators

At Goscor Power Products we provide a range of reliable and affordable inverter generators from Rato. These generators are durable and packed with features. They are ideal for a variety of applications, especially in environments where you need a constant current flow.

Our inverter generators range from 2kVA up to 8.8kVA, with recoil starting systems. They have a noise operation of between 65dB and 84dB with some of them offering an open frame design.

In addition to inverter generators, we also have a range of petrol and diesel generators, which offer outputs of between 2kVA and 65 kVA, making them powerful and ideal for a variety of applications. At Goscor Power Products we stock major brands such as Rato, available in super silent and silent configurations.

Our inverter generators are ideal for applications where sensitive electronic equipment is used, or where low noise levels are required, making them ideal for the film industry.

Our inverter generators for sale include the R8750ID which offers an 8.8kVA output and a recoil starting system, as well as the R3000I which offers a silent operation of 68dB and a petrol engine. We can help you choose the best inverter generator for your needs.

R8750ID Inverter Generator
R4000I Inverter Generator
Inverter Generator - R3000I-P
Rato Inverter Generator - R2000I
What Is an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator works a bit different from a conventional generator in that it uses modern technology to provide a ‘clean’ AC voltage. It provides AC output like other generators, but then converts it back to DC voltage, and inverts it back to AC again. This allows for a better, constant flow of current, making it ideal for sensitive appliances.

Inverter generators are often smaller than conventional generators and they are easy to carry. A portable inverter generator can be used in many environments, including at home, where you need a constant flow of current to avoid damage to sensitive appliances.

Portable Inverter Generators

When all power is out, you need to rely on a portable inverter generator to supply you with the power you need. Whether it’s for work, or simply to help you run the most important appliances at home, using an inverter generator can be a great help when you need it.

There are different generators available, including portable generators and standby generator systems. Standby generators are usually permanently installed and they switch on automatically when the power goes down. These generators are usually seen in commercial buildings, hospitals, factories, and more.

Inverter generators come in various sizes so that they can be used in all environments, even large factories, construction sites and more. These generators offer a constant flow of current, so it is reliable and very durable as it utilizes modern technology.

Where to Buy Inverter Generator?

You can buy an inverter generator from leading suppliers such as Goscor Power Products. We supply a variety of generators for you every need. Whether you need a large, heavy-duty generator for industrial purposes, or a small inverter generator to use at home, we have the ideal product at the right price.

With so many great inverter generators available from Goscor Power Products, it’s easy to choose the best generator for your specific needs. We offer the best inverter generator prices available and can assist with choosing the best generator for your needs.

For more information about our inverter generators for sale, please get in touch.