Petrol Engines

Goscor stocks a range of petrol engines for a wide range of applications.

We offer stand-alone petrol engines as well as replacement engines for water pumps, generators, fire fighters, drive units, power trowels, concrete cutters, rammers, rollers, plate compactors, drive units, concrete mixers, brick saws and high pressure washers.

If you have a piece of equipment with an engine that has become unserviceable, Goscor Power Products can supply you with a new petrol engine for your machinery. OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) purchase our engines to fit to their application.

Goscor stock Power and Rato petrol engines

Goscor Power Products stocks various types of petrol engine. The Rato range of petrol engines vary from 7 Horse Power to 22 Horse Power.

Rato are known for their high-quality petrol engines that offer a rugged, hardworking solution for your engine needs. Rato engines all have a cast iron cylinder liner which makes them more durable. They also feature a transition ignition system which improves the life of the ignition parts and improved performance.

Because Rato engines feature a standard mounting you can use them interchangeably with most other petrol engine brands. All engines are manufactured to high quality standards and carry an ISO9001 rating.

Goscor also stocks Power engines which are suitable replacement engines for Honda Rammers.

Goscor engines can be used with a variety of Goscor Power Products. We have specialised lawnmower petrol engines as well as engines for other products including cement mixers and rammers.

Rato Petrol Engine - R210-V
Lutian Petrol Engine - LT177FA
Replacement Engine for Honda Rammers - GXR120
Rato Lawnmower Engine - RV225

Petrol engines for sale

If you are looking for a petrol engine for sale, Power or RATO engines are sold by Goscor, give us a call. We can help you determine the best engine for your needs. Goscor sells a range of engines together with a wide selection of power equipment like mixers, rollers, firefighting equipment, pumps, rammers, pressure washers, welders and generators.

Petrol engine maintenance tips

Here are a few tips for keeping your engine in top working condition at all times.

Oil is the life blood of your engine, so make sure you have enough oil at all times. Oil provides the lubrication needed to keep your engine going. Check the oil after every 5 hours of continuous running or once a day. Change the oil when the engine is still warm. Make sure you use a high-quality oil. The Rato Range of Engines feature a low oil level cut off switch which stops the engine when the oil level is too low.

Clean out the air filter regularly. Check it for dirt or debris and change it if necessary, and make sure the carburetor intake is clean. Rato Engines are available with Cyclone Air Filters or Snorkel Filters for very dusty operations.

Drain the fuel out of the engine when not in use, also run the carb. Dry before storing the engine.

Make sure the engine runs in a well-ventilated area and that the exhaust is functioning correctly.

Contact us today to find out more about our petrol engines.

Rato Petrol R210-QC with Cyclone Air Cleaner

Where to buy petrol engines?

Goscor Power Products offers a great range of petrol engines from high-quality brands in the industry for different applications and purposes. Get in touch with our sales team and request a quote for petrol engines.