Diesel Engines

Choose from our wide range of diesel engine machines at Goscor Power Products today. Our range of diesel engines for sale are manufactured by leading Chinese manufacturer, WEIMA and are available in a range of model types for a variety of uses.

Apart from industrial diesel engines, you’ll also find a range of power machines in our engine range including petrol engines and rammer replacement engines. Whether you require a diesel engine for construction, industrial use or any other power equipment need, contact us today to get the most competitive quote out there.

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Diesel Engines For Sale 

In the Goscor Power Product range of the best diesel engines, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of machines. The WEIMA diesel engines are available in a range of horse power engines from 5HP to 12HP. The range also offers variety in shaft type, gearbox type and starting systems.

We offer the following diesel engines ranging from 5 to 12 HP by WEIMA:

  • Weima 5HP WM173F Diesel Engine
  • Weima 6HP WM178F Diesel Engine
  • Weima 6HP WM178FS Diesel Engine
  • Weima 9HP WM186F_V Diesel Engine
  • Weima 9HP WM186F Diesel Engine
  • Weima 9HP WM186FE Diesel Engine
  • Weima 10HP WM188F Diesel Engine
Model WM173F WM178F WM178FS WM186F_V WM186F WM186FE WM188F WM188F_V WM188FV_E WM188FE_Q WM192F-V WM192FE_ V WM192F WM192FE
HP 5HP 6HP 6HP 9HP 9HP 9HP 10HP 10HP 10HP 10HP 12HP 12HP 12HP 12HP
Shaft / Gearbox Q type Q type 2:1 Reduction (Concrete Mixer) V type Q type Q type Q type V type V type Q type V type V type Q type Q type
Shaft Parallel Parallel Parallel Taper Parallel Taper Parallel Taper Taper Parallel Taper Taper Parallel Parallel
Starting System Recoil Recoil Recoil Recoil Recoil Electric Recoil Recoil Electric Electric Recoil Electric Recoil Electric

Where to buy diesel engines?

As part of the Goscor Group of Companies, Goscor Power Products has expertly been providing South African industries with top-quality engine machines and equipment for over 30 years. If you’re looking for high-quality diesel engines from a company that delivers service excellence too, chat to the Goscor Power Products team today. Get in touch with our sales team or request a quote now.