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Welder Generators

At Goscor Power Products we provide a range of affordable and powerful welder generators from popular brands such as Weima and Rato. Our welder generators offer an output of 7kVA and are available in both petrol and diesel options.

Welder generators are specifically manufactured to provide reliable power without the need to rely on mains electricity. A welder generator provides you with adequate power for your welding equipment whenever you need it. A portable welder generator is ideal for farms, construction sites, repairs and maintenance.

A welder generator is no longer only a generator for a welding machine; it can also work as a conventional generator, making them very convenient. This saves you the hassle of using multiple machines for different equipment. These generators are ideal for power tools, work lights and emergency power.

In addition to welder generators for sale, we also supply a range of reliable inverter generators, which offers a pure standby power source and offers a power output that ranges between 1.6kVA and 8.75kVA. This range of generators is often used in environments where there is sensitive electronic equipment, or where low noise levels are required.

We also offer an imported range of diesel and petrol generators for sale available in super silent and silent, covering a range of up to 65 KVA. Larger generator units are also available from Goscor Power Products on request.

Rato Welder Generator - GPP-200AMP:R420
Weima Welder Generator - GPP-200DW_TROLLEY_ES
Welder Generators for Sale

Part of our engine welder generator range is the powerful GPP-200AMP/R420. That provides 7kVA output and an electric starting system. We also have the Weima GPP-200DW_TR/WM192 that offers a recoil or Electric starting system and a diesel engine.

In the Rato range, we have the GPP-200AMP/R420 available, offering 7kVA, a 200AMP welder end and a diesel engine. This is ideal for your welding requirements and is an affordable option.

How Does A Welder Generator Work?

Generators provide stand-by electricity whenever needed by running on either a petrol-or diesel-powered engine. The engine turns on an alternator on-board, generating electrical power. There are power outlets on the generator, which allows you to plug in extension cords, appliances and electric-powered tools so that they can be used easily by power from the generator. Generally, the more powerful the petrol generator, the more outlets will be available and the more appliances or products can be run simultaneously.

Typical components that make up a petrol welder generator include an internal combustion engine, a starter, an alternator, outlets, and a fuel tank. A diesel generator consists of a diesel engine, an alternator, a voltage regulator, outlets, and fuel tank, similar to a petrol engine.

Benefits of a Welder Generator

There are various benefits of a welder generator, including the fact that it offers strong motor capabilities. These generators generally require more power to start than to run, so they need to have strong motor capabilities. They are also capable to work 24/7 so they are very reliable. These generators are ideal for heavy-duty work, so it’s important to ensure that you buy a reliable generator from a well-known brand.

These welders also have a 220v voltage output as they are made to run industrial motors and tools. A quality generator can provide you with 220v voltage output that will not drop when running a heavy load. A drop-in voltage can lead to overheating, which is why Goscor Power Products offer the best welder generators for sale.

With so many great welder generators available from Goscor Power Products, it’s easy to choose the best generator for your specific needs. We offer the best welder generator prices available and can assist with choosing the best generator for your needs.

For more information about our welder generators for sale, please get in touch.