High Head Water Pumps

High head water pumps are essential equipment for irrigation, agricultural and industrial sectors and Goscor Power Products is your one-stop shop when looking for high head pumps for sale.

The high volume high head water pumps that we offer can handle more resistance than normal pumps and are designed to be able to efficiently pump water at high heads.

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What is a High Head Water Pump?

A high head pump is designed with performance and efficiency in mind. Its main performance goal is to create high water pressure, which then enables water to be sucked out and pumped away over high heights and long distances. A high head or high-pressure pump has large impellers and a high rotational speed to enable it to pump water upwards, ensuring excellent performance. Goscor Power Products offers Rato petrol high head pumps.

No matter what your high water pumping needs are, a professional consultant at Goscor Power Products will be able to suggest a product in our range that will be able to tackle the job you need it for.

Rato High Head Pump - RT50YB80
Rato High Head Pump - RT80YB70
Rato High Head Pump - RT50YB100
Lutian High Head Pump - LT-178F20H

High Head Water Pumps for all your Water Extraction Needs

Check out the excellent features available in our range of high head water pumps. We can guarantee that our range will bring efficiency and high-quality to every work site.

The features of our high head water pump range include:

  • Inlet and outlet diameter ranges from 40mm to 80mm
  • Pump lift capacities between 40m – 90m
  • Suction heads of 7m
  • Varying maximum capacities between 16 cubic metres per hour to 40 cubic metres per hour
  • Available in both petrol and diesel pump options

If you’re looking for the best pump for high head needs, the Goscor Power Products range of high head high flow pumps will be the solution to any job or application need.

Check out the specification breakdown of our full range of high head water pumps now.

Range Table - Rato Logo Table - Rato Logo Table - Rato Logo Table - Lutian Logo Table - Lutian Logo
Model RT50YB80 RT80YB70 RT50YB100 LT-178F20H LT-186F30H
Inlet & Outlet Inside Diameter 2″ (50mm) 3″ (80mm) 2″ (50mm) 2″ (50mm) 3″ (80mm)
Pump Lift 80m 65m 90m 65m 70m
Suction Head 7m 7m 7m 7m 7m
Max. Capacity 16m³/hr 38m³/hr 30m³/hr 30m³/hr 40m³/hr
Fuel Petrol Petrol Petrol Diesel Diesel

Where to Buy a High Head Water Pump?

Our huge range of construction equipment is what makes us one of the leaders in the business. As part of our water pump range, we offer high-head water pumps as well as;

We offer equipment for any industry including the mining, construction, industrial and agriculture sector and we understand what our clients want because we have been leading the pack for the past 30 years. Choose the leaders in construction equipment, a company you can trust.

For more information on our high head water pump range or to request a water pump quote, contact us now.