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Plate Compactors

Standard Plate Compactors

A Plate Compactor is used for compacting soil in and around pilings, foundations, floor fill, and backfill in pipe trenches. It is also widely used in the paving industry.

The machine is self propelled in a forward direction only, by the centrifugal force of the vibrating element, positioned on the front side of the  compacting plate. This speed is normally about 20metres per minute, depending on the type of soil or gravel.

As the plate compactors average compaction depth is about 30 cm, normally only one or two passes over the area will complete the required compaction process.

We supply two models of Plate Compactors as shown here


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always dampen the soil or gravel before compacting. This reduces dust, and assists the compaction process. Compaction cannot occur if the soil is too dry, or too wet
  • Do not over-compact the area, fewer passes will improve the compaction, and over compaction can damage the unit
  • Do not rotate the unit while under full power, reduce the revs, change direction, then increase the revs again.  Never tilt the unit in order to turn it, pivot it while flat on the base plate

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