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Petrol Pressure Washers

When you work in the construction, agricultural or mining industries and you need a high pressure washer that can get rid of the toughest dirt, look no further than the high pressure washer range from Goscor Power Products.

From removing dust from walls before painting on a construction site to removing mud from large earth moving machinery in mining, our wide range of products are designed to do the job well the first time. At Goscor Power Products we offer petrol pressure washers as well as diesel pressure washers, electric pressure washers and even smaller units for at-home use.

When it comes to a petrol pressure washer that is affordable and robust, chat to the experts at Goscor today. We will have a petrol high pressure washer that will be able to get rid of the hardiest dirt from floors, tiles, roads and paving on any work site. You can even use one of our petrol high pressure cleaners to remove grease and grime from construction vehicles and trucks too.

For more on our range of petrol high pressure water cleaners, call Goscor Power Products on 087 806 6871\2 or request a petrol high pressure washer quote now.

Choose from our range of petrol high pressure washers now

The array of features from our petrol power washerrange ensures that heavy duty cleaning jobs for the construction industry can be tackled with ease. Sand, mud, grease, oil, paint and other hard grime materials are no match for the Goscor Power Products range of petrol driven power washers.

All units are mounted on mobile trollies on pneumatic wheels ensuring ease of movement and manoeuvrability. Our washer range also comes standard with accessories like a spray gun, multi-nozzles, thermal valves and pressure gauges.

The features of our range include:

  • Horse power ranges of between 6HP and 13HP
  • The range offers revolutions of 3400RPM
  • Maximum pressure range between 186BAR and 248BAR
  • Water flow rates of 14.4l/min to 25.9l/min
  • 300L water tank optional depending on the model chosen

We stock Lutian and RATO products in our compact petrol pressure washer range. At Goscor Power Products we guarantee that these products are affordable, hard-wearing and utterly reliable.

Check out the specification breakdown of our full range of petrol high pressure washers below:

Rato Petrol High Pressure Washer - 15G32:R210
RangeTable - Rato LogoTable - Lutian LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Rato LogoTable - Lutian LogoTable - Rato Logo
Pump Model3WZ-1507A3WZ-1508A3WZ-1508A3WZ-1510A3WZ-1808A3WZ1810A
Engine ModelRato R210Lutian LT170FRato R270Rato R420Lutian LT188Rato R420
Horse Power6HP7HP9HP12HP13HP12HP
Max Pressure186BAR186BAR220BAR248BAR248BAR206BAR
Water Flow14.4l/min14.4l/min14.4 l/min18 l/min18 l/min25.9 l/min
Water TankNoneNoneNoneNoneNone300l
The leading construction equipment company in South Africa

We are proud to be a name synonymous with quality construction equipment. Not only does the Goscor Power Product range suit the needs of the construction industry, but our products are ideal for the hard-working needs of the agricultural, mining and industrial sectors too.

Our pressure washer range also includes:

For the widest range of petrol driven power washers, look no further than Goscor Power Products today – we guarantee quality and affordability.

For more information on our pressure washer range or to request a quote, contact us now.