Petrol Generators

Goscor Power Products specialises in a range of petrol generators. We carry major brand names such as Rato and Lutian, ensuring durable and cost-effective generator solutions.

Our petrol generators range from 2.2kVA up to 10kVA and are available in 220v and 380v, with optional AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation). AVR is available on all imported units and they are ideal for construction use, mines, industrial, agricultural and home use.

Goscor Power Products also offers a range of inverter generators from Rato, which covers a range of 1.6KVA to 8.75KVA. This range offers the purest standby power from a generator. This is suitable for applications where sensitive electronic equipment is used or where noise levels need to be as low as possible- making it ideal for the film industry.

We also offer an imported range of petrol generators for sale from Lutian Power Products, available in super silent and silent, covering a range of 2.5KVA up to 65KVA. Larger generator units are also available on request.

Petrol Generators for Sale

Our petrol generators include the RT-2800 that offers an open frame, recoil starting system and a maximum output of 2.8 kVA. The RT-10000D offers a maximum output of 10 kVA with an electric starting system.

In the Lutian range we have the GM9000EB which offers an output of 6.5 kVA with a large tank and electric start system with wheels. The LT1200B-4 offers a lower 1 KVA capacity and the LT2500S offers a 2.2 kVA capacity, ideal for smaller applications and tools.

Rato Petrol Generator - RT-2800
Lutian Petrol Generator - LT2500S
Petrol Generator - RT-7000D
Inverter Generators

We have a range of Rato inverter generators available. These generators range from 2 kVA up to 8.8 kVA with a recoil and electric starting system and silent operation. They offer the purest standby power from a generator.

R8750ID Inverter Generator
Rato Inverter Generator-R3000I
Welder Generators

We offer welder generators from brands such as Rato and Weima. These convenient petrol generators allow you to carry on with your welding work without relying on conventional power. These have become an essential part of equipment for construction sites, farms, maintenance and repairs, and more. A welding generator can also be used as a standalone generator, so they are versatile, reliable and available in both petrol and diesel versions.

Rato Welder Generator - GPP-200AMP:R420
How Do Petrol Generators Work?

Petrol generators provide electricity by running a petrol-powered engine. The engine turns on an alternator on-board, generating electrical power. There are power outlets on the generator, which allows you to plug in extension cords, appliances and electric-powered tools so that they can be used easily by power from the generator.

Generally, the more powerful the petrol generator, the more outlets will be available, and the more appliances or products can be run simultaneously.

Typical components that make up a petrol generator include an internal combustion engine, a starter, an alternator, outlets, and a fuel tank.

Portable Petrol Generators

When all power is out, for e.g. during a power outage, there are many situations we still need power urgently. This is where a petrol generator can come in very handy. Whether it’s for work, or simply to help you use the most important appliances at home, a generator can be a great help when you need it most.

There are different generators available, including portable petrol generators and standby generator systems. Standby generators are usually permanently installed and they switch on automatically when the power goes down. These generators are usually seen in commercial buildings, hospitals, factories, and more.

Portable petrol generators are very handy as they can easily be moved from one place to the next. They need to be manually started, making a name very convenient to use whenever the power is out. With different sizes generators available, they can easily be used at home.

Petrol Generator - GPP10000-R670-Models
What Size Petrol Generator Do I Need?

It is always based to accurately determine the size and type of generator you will need. This depends on various factors, and in order to get an accurate reading, it is always recommended that you work with a qualified electrician to do a load test on your premises.

However, when you want to buy a petrol generator you can use various methods to help determine size to choose.

Things you should consider include:

  • how many appliances you need to run simultaneously
  • the location of the generator
  • the running conditions
  • maintenance requirements

The more items or appliances you need to run at the same time, the higher the output of your generator needs to be. Keep in mind that your generator should preferably run at an average load of 70 to 80 percent to ensure longevity of the system.

The location of your generator is also important, for example, the higher above sea level your output will decrease. The operating temperature is also very important, for example, you don’t want your generator to consistently operate at a temperature above 35°C or 95°F.

As a guide, choosing a generator for the use of smaller power tools such as a portable drill, or even appliances such as small fridge and a television, it’s best to choose a minimum power output of 2.4 kVA. If you are going to use power tools upward of 2,200W, such as a radial saw, a heater, or a small submersible pump, choose a petrol generator with a minimum output of 4.4 kVA. Power tools upward of 3400W are best used with a generator that supplies a minimum capacity of 7 kVA.

With so many great petrol generators available, you can easily choose the right one for your specific needs. At Goscor Power Products we offer the best petrol generator prices and can give you helpful tips and advice on how to choose the perfect product.

For more information about our petrol generators for sale, please get in touch.