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Drive Units & Poker Needles

Drive Units

Drive Units are mainly used in conjunction vibrating poker needles, or a mechanical submersible pump.

Both of these items require a flexible shaft, rotating at approx. 2850 to 3500 rpm to operate correctly at a given torque. Matching of the poker size to the drive unit size is critical to attain the specified vibration cycles needed. Using a small engine on a large poker needle will render the needle ineffective, as the drive will not provide the vibrating radius required to perform correctly.

Specifications of the various combinations here


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Check all engine fluids and filters daily
  • Check the coupling and Drive dog for excessive wear
  • Ensure that the flexible hose is kept as straight as possible to avoid damage to the core
  • As the drive unit may move during operation, ensure that the area is safe, and clear of debris.

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